Asbestos is a broadly used constituent in buildings and constructing supplies, machines, transport autos and shopper merchandise. Asbestos has a identified historic use going back a minimum of 4500 years where it was added as a strengthening materials into earthenware and cooking pots. Asbestos (Greek: inextinguishable) is the collective time perio… Read More

Asbestos is a naturally occurring, principally fibrous mineral and may consist of any one in all plenty of silicates. Asbestos is used in quite a lot of products because of its bodily properties, which make it proof against warmth, fire, and many caustic chemical substances. Asbestos has been used extensively as fireproofing, an insulating agent, a… Read More

Amphibole Group - comprised of anthophyllite, amosite (brown asbestos or grey asbestos), crocidolite (blue asbestos), tremolite, and actinolite. Asbestos Be Gone are offering in home or on site commercial quotes until 10pm, Monday to Friday. A typical individual will breathe in approximately 15,000 asbestos fibers every day. SafeWork SA and the Env… Read More

Bill Tait, the husband of early anti-asbestos campaigner Nancy Tait , died of the situation in 1968, sparking his wife's subsequent activism.We have a proud historical past of supporting trade unions to defend worker's rights and we are also dedicated to supporting the group by a spread of help choices accessible. Where refurbishment or demolition … Read More

WorkSafe and Consumer Protection have issued a warning after asbestos had been present in imported crayons.In WA, a Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) on the mannequin WHS Regulations and Codes of Practice compiled by Marsden Jacob Associates in 2012 were released. Additionally, the WA Minister for Commerce introduced that a Western Australian versi… Read More